AIRTAG at " LE MONDE RFID conference"

Watch interview of Jérémie Leroyer:

WIMA 2008, 2nd European NFC Developers Summit: 28th - 30 th April 2008 - Grimaldi Forum - Monaco

The 2nd European Near Field Communication Developers Summit is the focus of WIMA 2008 and will present the latest developments in this rapidly evolving technology, its applications and services. WIMA is the European event and meeting place for developers, systems integrators, device manufacturers and service providers to come together, learn, exchange and do business. Presentations and exhibits will explore some of the top NFC application areas including smart transactions using card (...)

Oberthur Technologies and AIRTAG introduce the new generation NFC retail solution

Barcelona, Mobile World Congress – February 12th, 2008 – 08:00 am Oberthur Technologies, one of the world’s leading smart card suppliers, in partnership with AIRTAG – an innovative start-up dedicated to NFC (Near Field Communication) applications – today announced the demonstration of the NFC Mobile Kiosk for fast food at the Mobile World Congress, which is the first fully integrated NFC multiplications service featuring marketing and payment services. This NFC solution includes a (...)