AIRSHOP Loyalty is an innovative Loyalty and Couponing solution designed for leveraging the full marketing potential of mobile Loyalty. AIRSHOP Loyalty enables retailers to offer loyalty rewards, couponing and cash back by mobile phone, to build strong customer relationships that increase in-store traffic & sales.

AIRSHOP Loyalty deployment options include the AIRTAG Pad; a smart object loyalty card reader, fully equipped for loyalty card processing at the POS in real-time. With a simple scan on the PAD, customers are identified at store check-out, expediting loyalty card processing time while giving real time access to rewards and account information. Or, by AIRSHOP POS; a direct connection to the server and in-store POS for Loyalty Card processing on the current check-out. AIRSHOP POS provider partnerships include: Micros, Sharp, PI Electronics etc.


• Mobile application, online platform, in-store reader and CRM
• Multi- Identification; NFC phones, NFC tags, Mobile Apps, 2D Bar Codes
• Cloud based CRM
• Targeted marketing management
• Interacts with social media (Foursquare, Twitter, Facebook)
• Universal system and card reader


• Platform for a complete loyalty solution
• Connects with all existing POS systems
• Increases processing time for loyalty cards
• Stimulates interactive relationships with clients
• Reporting and data management
• Reporting tool to analyze sales and store performance

For a complete Mobile Shopping Solution, AIRSHOP Loyalty is easily integrated with AIRSHOP Order; AIRTAG’s powerful mobile and web ordering platform.

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