30 Oct 2014

GOMCDO will offer mobile payments in 1200 McDonald’s restaurant locations across France

Source:mobileservices.fr: Interview with Jean-Noel Penichon Digital Director of McDonald’s

In the United States Starbucks has exceeded 42 million mobile transactions (since 2011), showing that mobile payments are a reality. A U.S. report showed that 63% of people are uncomfortable using mobile applications that store their credit card information. Contrary to this, a recent report in fact found that, 45% of consumers are not at all uncomfortable with the option and 24% are expressing some comfort.

Since March 15 2012, 30 McDonald’s restaurant locations across France have been testing mobile and web ordering payments with iPhone apps. (Android will be released in May and the WP7 later) Shortly, 1200 McDonald’s locations across France will be equipped with the same technology. The delivery of the new payment system has been developed along with Airtag a company specializing in POS payments, digital agency DDB and novemedia. The payment systems have been ergonomically developed to suit the physical contour of the body for comfortable use.

This is a strategic development for a chain which serves more than 1.5 million meals each day. Pioneer terminals so that customers can order and pay without waiting in line premiered in 2006 as an attempt to dice customer waiting time in half. To date 1 in 3 clients use the service..... Since 2008 more steps have been taken to offer a mobile ordering system and four years later (with over 1.2 million downloads of the application from the Apple store) QR code readers have been integrated to interact with customers and allow for targeted marketing campaigns that provide relevant offers and promotions. The added function GOMCDO could easily represent 15% of payments quickly.

GOMCDO mobile payments for McDonald’s restaurants
There are multiple benefits of using the GOMCDO function; you can order before arriving at the restaurant, for the first time customers can save time on payments with the "one click" payment feature compatible with credit cards as well as PayPal, banking information is stored and processed by a secure and trusted third party; PAYBOX one of the leaders in the world of secure online payment solutions. The process is detailed in the images below.

Security and implementation:

1 / By third party> Paybox

2 / QR-codes are sent to your mobile via SMS which can be checked in at any payment terminal reserved for this purpose in the restaurant

3 / The app displays the QR-codes and order number with a 6-digit code

4 / Finally, an email summary of the order with QR-codes and order number is sent by SMS.

A Second Version of GOMCDO will quickly appear in light of initial customer feedback, which will be multilingual to help foreign customers who visit France and the service will be integrated with McCafé...