3GSM : AIRTAG & Inside Contactless present next generation NFC Services

Leading contactless technologies and partners enable unparallel telecommunications services, demoed on booth F33, hall 2, 12-15 February, 2007

Further to access control and payment, NFC makes everyday life easier and 3GSM will be a major opportunity showcase latest NFC developments with application to the telecom industry.

At 3GSM, together with Inside ContactlessGemalto, and SFR, AIRTAG will be demonstrating the direct integration of applications into the telephone’s SIM card. Combining standardised solutions with a high degree of security (NFC Forum specifications and SWP protocol), INSIDE’s NFC enabled chipsets with AIRTAG SIM card embedded application and platform will enable mobile carrier to propose effective, flexible and secure relationship marketing application to main retailers (Loyalty, Couponing, Smart posters) and service companies (Ticketing).

3GSM will also be the time to showcase the "Contactless Travel Agency Showcase". Developed in partnership with Inside Contactless and Gemalto for SFR, the project features a smart poster application enabling end-users to download promotional offers on a private, mobile loyalty card. The voucher will then need to be redeemed on a NFC kiosk, enabling users to choose a destination, confirm the purchase and upload airline ticket directly on NFC mobile.