Oberthur Technologies and AIRTAG introduce the new generation NFC retail solution

Barcelona, Mobile World CongressFebruary 12th, 2008 – 08:00 am

Oberthur Technologies, one of the world’s leading smart card suppliers, in partnership with AIRTAG – an innovative start-up dedicated to NFC (Near Field Communication) applications – today announced the demonstration of the NFC Mobile Kiosk for fast food at the Mobile World Congress, which is the first fully integrated NFC multiplications service featuring marketing and payment services.

This NFC solution includes a SIM-embedded application enabling a fast food client to build an order while queuing through a very user friendly interface, save choices on the SIM and make the order effective by simply waving his mobile to the reader linked to the cash box. As a consequence, queues will be faster and misunderstandings between the customer and the seller will be avoided. 

Since the early stages of the NFC, Oberthur Technologies has constantly been working on this technology in order to provide customers with ease and convenience to their everyday lifestyle. Towards this direction, Oberthur Technologies decided to partner with AIRTAG and to jointly develop new solutions focused on retail and services.

"We’ve been working actively on the value added of NFC technologies for large retail networks. Our NFC Mobile Kiosk Solution for fast food is built with ease of use, speed and serviceability in mind which makes it a very added value application for fast food companies said Jérémie Leroyer Founder and CEO of AIRTAG. These sets of retails applications combined with contatless payment bring all the value added of NFC to retailers and Service Providers".

The core of this solution is Oberthur Technologies’ FlyBuy Monochip, a SIM compliant with the latest NFC standard. This SIM hosts the payment application, an ordering application and loyalty.

  • The first application allows payment. This application is currently being tested in the "Payez mobile" deployment.
  • The Ordering application allows a user-friendly interface enabling fast and easy "Menu Building"
  • The loyalty application uses the principle of smart posters to download free items, promotion coupons, goodies on the SIM of the mobile

"Oberthur Technologies’ expertise and know-how in mobile technology has enabled us to design an architecture that complies with all the standards set by the service providers’ requirements and to ensure secure management application on the SIM. We are now focusing on delivering innovative services based on the NFC technology. We are proud to partner with AIRTAG and be able to enhance customers’ convenience through this retail solution," said Olivier Leroux, Mobile Product Line General Manager at Oberthur Technologies.

This e-ticketing innovative solution including ordering and payment opens the way to a variety of possible applications that could be part of our every day life in a close future.

Visit us on the Oberthur Technologies’ booth: Hall 8 – 8B68


About Oberthur Technologies

 With sales of 733.4million Euros in 2007, Oberthur Technologies is a world leader in the field of secure technologies. Innovation and high quality services ensure Oberthur Technologies’ strong positioning in its main target markets:

  • Smart cards: One of the world’s leading providers of security and identification based on smart card technology and associated services, such as personalization, for the mobile, payment, identity, digital TV and transport markets.
  • Secure printing: The world’s third largest private security printer, specializing in high security for the production and management of banknotes, passports and other identity documents in more than fifty countries.
  • Cash protection: World leader in the emerging market of equipments for smart cash transportation and ATM protection.

Close to its customers, Oberthur Technologies benefits from an industrial and commercial presence across all five continents. Oberthur Technologies is listed on the Eurolist section B stock exchange.


Oberthur Technologies

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Founded in 2006 by two co-founders of Haïku / Index Europe, AIRTAG is the first European start-up company fully dedicated to NFC technology applications.

Based in Paris, AIRTAG provides contactless / NFC solutions to retailers and mobile carriers: embedded applications, Application Platform (Applications lifecyle management) and NFC Infrastructures.


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