AIRTAG presents its “NFC Portal Application”, with the launch of CITYZI by NRJ Mobile in Nice

AIRTAG “NFC Portal Application” is an NFC application enabling Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) to offer a user friendly NFC portal where it is possible to add and remove “Services Widgets” (Transport, Payment, Loyalty, etc.).

Why a “NFC Portal Application”?

NFC offers the opportunity to have multiple contactless services on one mobile. Those Services are independent applications of different providers (Banks, Transport companies, Retailers etc.).

AIRTAG “NFC Portal Application” offers the possibility to the NFC end user to easily access and manage “Services Widgets” on its phone as simply as using plastic cards in a classic wallet.

NRJ Mobile chose AIRTAG NFC Portal Application for its CITYZI service launched in Nice in May 2010 and gathering Transport services, Payment services and Loyalty Services.

AIRTAG “NFC Portal Application” advantages:

An attractive user interface

AIRTAG “NFC Portal Application” proposes an attractive and intuitive user interface enabling:

  • Animated tutorial of the service at first launch
  • Widget display of the service (Logo, Name, Description….)
  • Add / remove service features
  • Display status of the service (Active, Incomplete Cardlet Missing, Upgrade available, Error)
  • Choose the display order of the services
  • Enable/Disable NFC functionality of the phone

A flexible application

AIRTAG “NFC Portal Application” can be embedded in the mobile or a “Launcher” is embedded in the phone with the ability to trigger an OTA download of the application.

The application automatically connects to the secure element to display the list of available and active services.The Widget architecture that is implemented brings the possibility to add/remove applications and services without having to reinstall the MIDlet on the phone.

A universal, portable and interoperable application

AIRTAG “NFC Portal Application” is compatible with both SIM centric and Mobile Centric NFC architecture.The AIRTAG suite Midlet is portable on all the NFC phones on the market for any mobile carrier and will be available on other OS environment (Android etc.)

A powerful administration tool

AIRTAG provides full Platform Management enabling to manage the versioning of application and the addition of new services. AIRTAG also provides a Back office for service reporting and statistics.


AIRTAG “NFC Portal Application” is part of AIRTAG NFC Suite, a suite of advanced NFC software and platform targeted to mobile network operators and NFC service providers. AIRTAG NFC Suite encompasses the following software:

  • AIRTAG NFC Portal application
    A dynamic Application (Midlet) enabling Service Widget Management
  • FidBook
    FidBook is an NFC Wallet for loyalty cards and Coupons
  • AIRTAG NFC Transport Application
    A standard application for NFC mass transit application management
  • AIRTAG NFC Service Management Platform
    A powerful and flexible NFC Service Management Platform compliant with Association Française du Sans Contact Mobile (AFSCM) Specifications and Global Platform Specifications


Founded in 2006 and Based in Malakoff / France, AIRTAG is a company dedicated to Shopper Marketing Services based on Contactless and NFC