AIRFID Casino Shopping

Casino Proximité has chosen AIRTAG to develop an innovative loyalty program, in its new store, Casino Shopping in Marseille.

AIRFID is an innovative loyalty program which works with NFC loyalty cards and Smartphones. PADs are placed at every checkout and interact with customers, so they can benefit from personalized and special offers in real time.
The loyalty system is based on cash back, for every purchase, your earn euros on your loyalty account.

To interact more with customers, AIRTAG has developed an innovative concept for this project: a dematerialized couponing offer which allows brands/industrials to communicate directly on our PAD and thank customers for their purchase with euros on their loyalty account.

What’s more, AIRTAG has also developed a website and a Smartphone application for this program. Thus, customers are invited to give personal information: mail, mobile phone, address... so Casino Proximité could create a complete transactional data base and maintain a personalized customer relationship.