AIRSHOP compatible with Paypal's mobile Payment solution: The GoMcDo example

AIRTAG integrates the AIRSHOP solution with Paypal for the Mcdonald's mobile ordering and payment service; GoMcDo.

GoMcDo, the mobile ordering and payment service, is powered by the AIRSHOP solution by AIRTAG. The solution is currently in trial in more than 50 McDonald's Restaurants across France.

With GOMCDO shoppers can order food and pay by mobile App on their iPhone or Andoid device before even getting to a McDonald's restaurant. The payments are processed by PayPal. Once in store, shoppers complete the transaction by scanning their phone on the unattended Check-In Kiosk. Once the check-in has been made, GoMcDO service users orders are processed in priority, making the overall experience much quicker for users.

"Airtag enables retailers to offer customers the best mobile shopping experience. Integrating Paypal's mobile payment service with the AIRSHOP solution takes mobile ordering and payments one step further in improving the user experience because it is much faster and makes the overall experience more convenient", says Jérémie Leroyer, AIRTAG's CEO.

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