AIRTAG: AIRSHOP platform for online ordering and delivery


28 May 2012

AIRTAG has developed a solution for online ordering to improve the customer buying experience. The product has been designed for retail players and the platform is AIRSHOP; currently being tested in Nooï restaurant locations in France.

The specialist in mobile shopping has worked with McDonald's, La Croissantrie, and now joins the NooÏ restaurant chain for the launch of its new website for taking orders. AIRTAG’s technology is connected directly to the database of the retailer and its POS system, which allows users to Geotag points of sale, order from the menu on the website and pay online. Finally: a confirmation email will be sent to confirm the delivery.

"Our platform is designed as a complete package. We wish to extend our service to all types of retailers, whether big or very small businesses,” says Jérémie Leroyer, cofounder of AIRTAG.

With a mobile phone, users can shop online and pre-order even before going to the store. Driving or walking, the ultimate goal is to improve customer service and specifically the shopping experience. AIRSHOP is a device that fits well in an urban environment, especially in the restaurant industry because it operates on proximity.
AIRTAG has proven its expertise in payments, providing users secure payment platforms similar to Paypal or Paybox. With the AIRSHOP platform the consumer may also pay by check or meal vouchers. This service puts NFC on the sidelines.

"Few mobile phones are even equipped with NFC technology, we are not limiting our services to NFC, we want to reach a wide audience," says Jérémie Leroyer.

Beyond order taking, AIRTAG also provides dematerialized loyalty cards and coupons via the solution AIRFID. "This is one of the advantages of the mobile channel; retailers can include different promotional offers which evidently increase sales with a bigger shopping cart."