GoMcDo: When Fast food meets Mobile Shopping; even skip the drive thru line

Source: Inspired from GIZMODO (in French)

We can often say that often geeks and gamers are the ones immersed in new technologies and fast food. So, when a fast food chain implements new technologies, it’s always intriguing to us.
Launched for some time now, the GoMcDo service enables by mobile application, the placing of orders online, which can be picked up at the nearest restaurant (with the condition that the location already has the service). The new evolution of the GoMcDo service is further adapting to consumers lifestyles and the demands of shoppers who drive. Now these customers can have their McDonald’s order delivered directly to the car.

To be specific, you will very soon be able to place an order from your computer or Smartphone (iOS or Android) and Windows phone 8; set to be released soon, and head over to the parking lot of your local McDonald’s and proceed to the line parallel to the Classic drive-thru where you will scan your virtual receipt received via (QR Code, NFC) or Passbook (only available on iOS) or manually enter your order number and then your order will be delivered directly to your car. You will have to be patient though because it will take some time before GoMcDo drive will be deployed everywhere in the country. To make a long story short, this may be the decline of traditional drive-thru systems. With no home delivery option, this is as close as it gets to a burger at your fingertips.