The Mexican fast food chain Chido has chosen AIRFID by AIRTAG to launch an innovative loyalty program

Paris 9 July 2012 - For the opening of their first restaurant in Paris, Chido has chosen the AIRFID solution by AIRTAG. This innovative loyalty solution will help Chido establish strong customer relationships and increase the frequency of store visits.
AIRFID offers a simple and quick user experience, suited to the world of fast food especially in urban areas. At the Chido restaurant, an interactive tablet has been installed at the checkout with a real-time connection to the online Loyalty program, to animate the experience. Customers can easily identify themselves on the tablet by scanning their loyalty card.

This innovative loyalty program includes several options to accumulate loyalty rewards:• Chido loyalty card: A paper card designed with Chido colors that contains a 2Dbar Code for quick identification on the reader• Smartphone: The free application now available for download enables shoppers to store their loyalty card by mobile phone. Clients can access and manage their account anytime, anywhere and receive location based services and promotions• Transportation pass: Customers can also use their Navigo pass as a loyalty card; easy, convenient and practicalEach time a customer scans their card, Loyalty points are accumulated. For each Loyalty level reached, customers will receive free products offered by Chido. To participate in all of the programs rewards, the application must be activated on the site or by visiting the Chido Facebook page. Facebook becomes an enhanced marketing tool. More customers will visit the page and share their experience, which will help Chido recruit and attain new customers.
The mobile application

The mobile phone application is easy to use and gives shoppers access to their account details, current offers and new product information. The loyalty card can be instantly created on a mobile phone. Once in the restaurant, the 2D barcode contained in the card, is scanned on the AIRTAG pad for instant identification and to immediately start earning rewards. The application also features Geolocation; which locates the customer and gives directions by map to the Chido restaurant, as well as detailed product pages with a wide selection of the newest Chido products.
The comprehensive reporting toolTo enhance the marketing value of the AIRFID solution included is an advanced reporting tool on a web interface to analyze performances of the shop and point-of-sale transactions. The reporting tool manages profile data so customers can be segmented; to develop targeted marketing campaigns that "boost" sales. All user information (receipt, time, frequency of visits) is displayed in real time on the web platform, allowing Chido to pilot targeted marketing campaigns based on comprehensive data.


Since 2006, AIRTAG has been developing Mobile Shopping Solutions for retailers and banks. AIRTAG solutions include:• AIRFID: a powerful and innovative Loyalty solution including NFC tag loyalty cards and couponing.• AIRSHOP: a powerful mobile and web ordering platform. AIRTAG quickly growing partner base is comprised of clients including: McDonald's, Casino, Total, The Bakery, Nooï, Credit Mutuel, Leroy Merlin, Veolia, MasterCard Wordwide etc.. 

About Chido

Chido is new concept Mexican cuisine that reinvents the definition of fast food, by offering Guerilla style Mexican street food that is high-quality yet affordable. To eat in the restaurant or eat in the street, a selection of burritos, tacos quesadillas and salads are made to order, using the freshest ingredients, from a selection of original recipes. Designed with dynamic colors and an urban atmosphere a visit to Chido will spice up your lunch, snack break or evening.

After the first restaurant opening in Paris at 3 Rue Mouffetard, the company expects a rapid expansion of new locations. With the Loyalty solution Airfid, Chido intends to develop a new and fun way for customer intimacy, in line with their positioning as creative and uninhibited.