AIRTAG Infographic: QSRs & Lunch-time mobile commerce

Today at AIRTAG we are releasing our Amazonification infographic comparing Amazon to lunch time mobile commerce behavior in the QSR industry. 
In the last 20 years, Amazon has grown from an emerging threat in the book business to the ‘everything store.’ To illustrate “The Age of Amazon’s” proliferation in the US alone, 69% of consumers have shopped at in the last 12 months, more than at Wal-Mart or Target.

AIRTAG’s experience providing mobile wallet solutions, for many merchants in the QSR industry, led us to wonder (and research) how Amazonification was affecting consumer behavior right down to lunch-time mobile ordering. What we found was this.

Easy is more important than Instant: Amazon is built on the premise that consumers would rather have simplicity over immediacy. Studies show that consumers on average wait 53 minutes before picking up a pre-ordered mobile lunch. Diners do not mind waiting for an order, as long as it on their own terms. 
Loyalty members spend more: 
Loyalty is another concept that Amazon has embraced through their Amazon Prime program. We found that QSR loyalty members also spend significantly more, making up about 1/5 of in-store spend. 
A 1 click culture:
 1 click payments piloted by Amazon more than a decade ago are quickly finding their way into daily mobile shopping experiences. Now 1 click payment is used by consumers to pay for about 1 in 10 lunch time orders. 
What does Amazonification mean for your business? 
At AIRTAG, we always try and explain the extent that mobile phones will impact the retail industry as we know it.

"We use the buzzword ’Amazonification’ of payments in explaining what we do," says AIRTAG CEO Jérémie Leroyer. "We tell merchants that if they want to stay alive in the future, they need to change the way they sell products and use mobile as a way to engage customers."