AIRTAG: Competitive mobile wallet landscape by Gartner Research

AIRTAG has been included as a competitive mobile wallet player in the 2014 “Competitive Mobile Wallet Landscape” report by Gartner Research. The report focuses on key trends in mobile wallets as well as players with great GO TO market strategies for 2014.

A key finding in the report was that mobile wallet providers which are able to leverage existing payment and retail set-ups, will stand out in the increasingly crowded mobile wallet marketplace. In addition, the key drivers of mobile wallet uptake (by both retailers and consumers) include: loyalty, real time rewards and cloud based wallet options.

Report Snapshot:

The report focused on various mobile wallet vendors including AIRTAG highlighting our companies strong experience in the QSR/grocery segment with ourAIRSHOP solution which enables retailers to launch self-branded wallets with customized and engaging mobile shopping features.

One thing that we found particularly interesting about the report was its strong focus on our latest HCE features. At AIRTAG we recently released an announcement explaining the new HCE features added to our AIRPASS SDK, which now enables banks to build mobile payment applications using multiple secure elements (SIM, embedded and cloud based using HCE). We think HCE has a lot of great potential for mobile money and we will be releasing new projects and partnerships leveraging the technology in the coming months, so stay tuned.

A big thanks to Gartner, for the great review on our mobile shopping offer.

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