Crédit Mutuel-CIC and AIRTAG to launch a Contactless Mobile Payment App for Banking Clients

A user friendly mobile app that enable seamless in-store payment with a simple tap

Paris, 11 June 2014 – AIRTAG, the leading provider of mobile shopping solutions today announces a new partnership with Crédit Mutuel-CIC to launch the banks contactless mobile payment application. The payment app has been developed using AIRTAG’s white label secure mobile wallet solution called AIRPASS.

“This app provides Crédit Mutuel-CIC banking clients with new and innovative services aimed at making payments easier,”said Jérémie Leroyer CEO & Co-founder of AIRTAG“The strength of the app is the simple installation process and the convenience added to in-store payment transactions.”

The Crédit Mutuel-CII app is a SIM-centric payment solution that enables everyday transactions without the need to carry cash or a physical credit card. To start using the app, the user only needs to enter their banking code to activate the secure SIM card. Immediately thereafter users can start making payments by mobile phone in any retail store or location equipped with contactless terminals.

The app additionally includes new functionalities that have yet to be seen in the world of mobile banking including a user friendly experience across mobile device types, up to the minute spending and transaction history as well as customizable functions. Get the app now:The Crédit Mutuel-CIC app can be downloaded now on Google Play:

The Windows Phone 8 application is set for release in the coming weeks.



AIRPASS is a white label mobile wallet platform for banks, financial service providers, telecommunications operators and retailers. The solution is a set of software tools that services providers can use to develop applications for contactless mobile payments. Including JavaDoc APIs and detailed developer guides, users can autonomously develop a secure solution that is approved by the card networks. Users do not need to understand communication between the cardlet and secure element, as it’s completely managed by the included APIs, which significantly simplifies development processes. Additionally, the solution supports multiple operating systems and secure elements including: cloud based, embedded and SIM.

Learn more by visiting: AIRTAG