AIRPASS : what is it?

AIRPASS is a white label and fully customizable mobile payment platform dedicated to banks and financial institutions to digitalize securely their payment solutions.

AIRPASS offers :

  • End-to-end HCE solution, including a secure white label Mobile Wallet and a Cloud Based Payment platform
  • Tokenization Service Provider, which complies with EMVCo specifications
  • Proprietary Whitebox Cryptography Solution
  • Mobile SDK that manages Cloud Based, SIM Based and Embedded Secure Elements
  • Wide range of customer identification options: NFC, QR codes, BLE


AIRTAG also provides ongoing solution supports such as:

  • Specifications Writing and Feature Scoping
  • UI design
  • Development and Integration
  • Pilot
  • Launch
  • Maintenance


AIRPASS supports :

  • NFC, QR codes, BLE
  • HCE, SIM centric, embedded SE

Multi-payment scheme support:

  • Visa,
  • MasterCard,
  • Discover,
  • CB

Multi-platform native apps:

  • Android,
  • Windows Phone,
  • iOS,
  • Blackberry


AIRPASS HCE is our newest product : user credentials are stored in the cloud and a secure element is emulated on the phone for transaction processing. This system eliminates additional 3rd party involvement, enabling AIRPASS HCE to offer a faster Go-to-Market time, reduced costs and more control over the entire payment lifecycle.

AIRTAG offers a range of highly competitive HCE services:

  • Wallet App: a customizable mobile payment app for remote and offline payment, customer account management and quick and secure app authentication.
  • Wallet server: Wallet web services which act as a proxy between our Wallet app and tokenization server for payment token verification and transaction processing.
  • Tokenization server: a dedicated server that meets EMVco standards to perform the role of token service provider. Proprietary encryption system.

Why using AIRPASS HCE?

  • Payment Acceptance: HCE payments can be processed on any contactless enabled terminal 
  • Pay even offline : AIRPASS HCE enables the storage of onetime payment tokens directly on the phone, so that offline transactions can still be processed ;
  • Faster Deployment : There is no need to install a specific SIM with additional costs or contracts. Less players in the development of an HCE payment means lower costs and a faster timeline to getting your solution on the market.

Tokenization Server : Features and Functionalities

AIRTAG also provides an EMV standard approved tokenization server :

  • Token generation, storage, management and de-tokenization
  • Token storage on the cloud and mobile phone (up to 10)
  • Token encryption for each single transaction: preventing from massive fraudulent attacks
  • Validation at the POS of each individual single use HCE payment token and server request processing
  • Mobile phone token replenishment
  • Support for MASTERCARD MCBP v1.0 and EMVCo Payment Tokenisation v1.0

Additional security from massive attacks

The tokenization server (proprietary encryption system) prevents from massive attacks – because the cryptography is different from one mobile device to another. Because each individual transaction has a securely encrypted token, there is an addition layer of security for merchants and end users; which could eventually lead to lower merchant processing fees.


AIRPASS CRYPTO is our advanced security solution. It is specially designed for bringing high levels of security for customer authentication and mobile payment.

  • Proximity Payment : One-time use QR code generation
  • Whitebox : Cloud Based Software Secure Element
  • Online Payment : Dynamic CVV
  • Biometry : Fingerprinting


AIRPASS also includes engaging Marketing Services, to create a value added experience for your end users.

  • Loyalty
  • Couponing
  • Ordering
  • Rewards
  • Payment