AIRSHOP : what is it?

AIRSHOP is our White Label Mobile commerce Solution for those retailers who want to create a unique customer experience through mobile application.

AIRSHOP enables retailers to develop a value-added service for their customers. AIRSHOP is a fully customizable mcommerce product that can be used to launch :

  • loyalty programs;
  • mcommerce & ecommerce platform (ordering and payment systems)
  • targeted marketing campaigns.

AIRSHOP can be provided as :

  • A Fully Customizable White Label Solution
  • A module based solution with a comprehensive selection of available features
  • Integrated with an existing or complementary solution

AIRTAG supports its clients through the entire development path, providing the following extra services :

  • Product database set-up and management;
  • Graphic Design of User interfaces;
  • Customer Journey conceptualization

AIRTAG also provides ongoing solution supports such as:

  • Analysis and Intelligence on solution ROI and customer behavior
  • Customer database marketing and campaigns
  • CRM

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty is one of the most compelling AIRSHOP features. With AIRSHOP you can launch a rewarding loyalty program adapted to the needs of your customers.

AIRSHOP can be used to implement and manage every aspect of your loyalty program :

  • loyalty customer identification in-store or online (including; traditional paper & plastic loyalty cards)
  • how points or rewards are earned and redeemed,
  • couponing campaigns
  • SMS/email marketing.

AIRSHOP also includes analysis of :

  • visiting frequency over a period,
  • in-store transactions,
  • value and types of products purchased,
  • real time overview of rewards earned and redeemed
  • customer behavior.

AIRSHOP tracks your entire loyalty program and customer behavior data which can be easily exported for CRM purposes.

Ecommerce and Mcommerce


AIRSHOP is an end to end solution for online and mobile ordering and payment.

User Interface Options:

  • Mobile & Tablet apps (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone)
  • Mobile optimized websites (WebApps)
  • Websites

Administration Tools :

  • cloud based reporting system
  • CRM and personalization tools

Mcommerce and ecommerce modules

  • In-Store Check-In and Order pick-up options: click & collect, drive-thru or delivery
  • Couponing and geofencing: real-time targeted marketing campaigns
  • Analysis and Intelligence on solution ROI and customer behavior
  • Cash-ware and POS integration (see POS Integration section below).

Other Features & Options

  • Couponing: Couponing and exclusive offers can be sent to your entire client database or a selection of customers.
  • Upsells/Upgrade: Upsells and personalized product recommendations.

  • Payment: PSP integration (PayPal, Paybox, First Data, Worldpay, B2Bill) and online and contactless payments using NFC/HCE/Apple Pay. Visit our secure payment offer to learn more AIRPASS.
  • Integration with existing e-commerce platforms and services : For brands that already have an e-commerce infrastructure or system like Magento, ERP or BDD, AIRSHOP can be integrated via our available APIs.

POS Integration

AIRSHOP includes a module for integration with your existing POS system.

POS integration is done via the AIRSHOP middleware which directly installs the system on your existing POS or Back Office PC. Once connected to your system, AIRSHOP monitors all transactions at the POS, rewards/coupon injection and all orders and order statuses.

AIRSHOP has already been integrated with most leading retail POS systems including: NCR, Micros, TC POS, Sharp, PI Electronique and Laser Symag.


For brands and retailers that want to add a functionality (loyalty, mobile commerce or couponing) to an existing mobile app or solution, AIRTAG also provides a range of APIs.

Our API offer includes specifications, access to our solution engines and support, so you have all of the right tools to build a complete solution for your customers.